Harada teases ideas for Tekken X Street Fighter

While the development of Namco Bandai’s Tekken X Street Fighter, the second game in a collaboration with Capcom, is still in its earliest of stages. Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada at least has an idea of what Street Fighter’s he’d like to see in his game.

“Maybe I shouldn’t say this, as I mean no disrespect to Ono-san, but Ryu and Ken will probably be even better in 3D.” Hirada said during our interview at Comic-Con.

While this isn’t exactly a confirmation for the fireball twins, it does at least hint at the possibilities of the two showing up. Then again what kind of game with the Street Fighter brand behind it would be complete without them?

The real challenge that Harada addressed for Tekken X Street Fighter will be finding a way for characters like Blanka, E Honda and Dhalsim — known for their screen stretching moves — to work in 3D. If they don’t make the final roster though there are still plenty of amazing characters in the Street Fighter universe for Harada’s team to choose from.

So what characters would you like to see make the trip into 3D? I’m hoping for a little R. Mika action myself.

Source: Destructoid

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